Frequently Asked Questions

Can you customize the acoustical fabric on panels? Is there an upcharge?

The standard material for the ceiling panel is maharam grey. The standard material for the side panels is whisper. This is available in any of the 24 colours shown on our website or fabric card. The side panels can be customized with ‘customer own material’ com. We will provide the quantity of material to be provided to Himark. Acoustic panels combine performance and a modern look and can be personalized to suit any space. Panels are built up of a 6lb. laminated fiberglass high performance acoustic core and are designed to perform in a vast range of applications making them the perfect choice. Class 1/A (ASTM E84 – UL723) fireproof material. Contains up to 53% recycled material.

Can you change/customize the carpet?

  • The standard is amMedium grey 28-ounce pile weight commercial grade 100% polypropylene. The carpet is removable and Himark can provide Spec details for using the customer’s own carpet.
  • This quality product provides a lifetime warranty for colour fastness and stain resistance.
  • Green Label Plus® Certification - ensures that customers are purchasing the very lowest VOC-emitting products on the market.
  • Static control less than 3.0 kV (AATCC 134)
  • Flammability: Meets DOC FF-1-70 & C.G.S.B. 4-GP-129
  • Smoke density: Less than 450 (ASTM E-662)
  • Smoke flame Spread: Meets Can S102.2
  • Colour fastness: Meets C.G.S.B. 4-GP-129

Does the booth expand if you would like to make it bigger?

  • The island family of products is designed to be endlessly modular starting with an Island 4 privacy booth. Expansions are available using another Island4, or expansion units A (+2 capacity) or B (+4 capacity).
  • Please see the available configurations on the Island download section of the website.
  • Private Island single booth capacity cannot be expanded.

Is the booth mobile?

For short distances, up to 1 to 4 feet in any direction, the booths can be independently pushed into position. For longer distances, such as across the room, a set of moving jacks is available for purchase from Himark.

What is the lead time? Where is the booth manufactured?

Our standard lead time is 3/4 weeks from receipt of deposit ex factory. Booths ship rapidly and safely from Montreal Canada via our network of North American carriers.

Can you change out the glass for privacy?

The Island family of products are carefully designed for optimal acoustic performance including the proprietary acoustical glass utilized. Substitutions are not possible, however, films of various types are available on demand including, writable surfaces, frosted glass of varying degrees as well as some simulated fabric films.

Can you attach a bracket to the panel for a monitor?

Video monitors are available. Customer specifications would need to be provided to enable a quote for price and delivery.

Can you order a booth with no furniture at all? Can the designer/client choose their own furniture configuration?

Standard furnishings for a Private Island include one lap top table. The designer / client can request no table at the time of order.

To optimize the consistency of the décor, it is left to the dealer to supply the furniture that bests matches the needs to the customer and the designer’s intent.

Is the booth soundproof?

The acoustical performance of the Island products is among the best in the industry at 39 dB noise reduction (see acoustic engineers test report available on the website).

What is the warranty? Electrical components?

Please refer to our standard warranty for specifics on the website download section. electrical components are warranted for 1 year, and the Island Privacy booths carry a 5-year warranty.

Can a sprinkler head be connected?

As requirements change regionally, a connection can be provided, but it is the obligation of the dealer to specify the particular request.

Is it ADA compliant?

Island privacy booths can be wheelchair compliant. As of present date they are not compliant.

Can you put a logo on the interior and or exterior of the booth?

Customer branding is available on the exterior metal panels, on films applied to the interior or exterior glass surfaces as well as on Whisper fabrics.

Customers would need to provide high definition graphics, and a signed approval before any work would proceed. At the time of the request be specific and a quote and delivery can be provided.

Can I wrap the booth with my company logo and or colors?

Custom colours are available for all Island Privacy booths. Please advise the requirement so that a quote for the colour and the manufacturing lead time can be prepared. Customers would need to provide RAL numbers for paint colours, and once approved provide a written approval.

How many power and USB chargers? Are the USB’s fast charging?

Each Island 4 ships with a power bar that provides 3 or 4? Power outlets and 2 USB’s.

Each Private island ships with a power source integrated into the table with 2 power outlets and 2 USB’s. USB’s are fast charging.

What is the ventilation exchange or CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute of air exchange) and does the ventilation operate 24/7? Does the ventilation turn on and off with the motion sensor?

  • Each ultra-quiet fan provided with each Island Privacy booth delivers 156 CFM of air exchange with an amazingly low 21 dBa noise level. The ventilation runs full time to ensure comfortable temperature settings in the booth upon entry.
  • Fans use a custom motor engineered to minimize noise during speed variations and are certified by CE and RoHS.
  • Dual ball bearings rated at 67,000 hours.
  • Features a CNC machined aluminum frame with a modern brushed black finish.

Do you offer a sliding door option?

A sliding door option is being developed and will be available by year end 2019.

Can you lock the booth?

For safety concerns, the privacy booth is not lockable.

How much do the pods weigh? How large are the crates?

  • Island 4 privacy booths weigh 1200/1350 pounds net.
  • Private Island booths weigh 800/650 pounds net
  • All privacy booths are shipped in custom designed crates for maximum protection during shipping. Each of these crates are 93 inches long x 46 inches wide by 65 inches high and weigh approximately 475 pounds

Do you charge for crating the booths?

There is no extra cost for crating.

Is Island express shipping available? Is there an upcharge?

Express shipping may be available. Please inquire for availability and pricing at the time of order.

Does Island offer field support and training?

Please contact us for any technical or installation needs. All new dealers/installation crews will be onboarded by Himark.

Does Island have showrooms?

Our network of dealer showrooms is expanding rapidly so please contact us for a showroom nearest to you. Himark currently has a corporate showroom in New York, and in Montreal.